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Beer and Cider List - Stourbridge Beer Festival

Stourbridge Beer Festival

Beer and Cider List

We have around 70 real ales, 8 craft beers and 31 traditional ciders & perries at the festival.

This is the final list. The no-show beers have mainly been replaced with a similar brew.

360° Brewing Co Sheffield Park, E. Sussex

Single Hop Mosaic 4.1% ABV
A light pale ale brewed with just Mosaic hops to give fruity and citrus flavours and aromas in a golden session pale ale.

458 Wollaston, Stourbridge

Amber Ale 4.5% ABV

Pale Ale 4.0% ABV

Abbeydale Sheffield, S. Yorks

1. Salvation #2 Rice Pudding Stout 5.9% ABV
The second in the Salvation series. A rice pudding stout brewed with classic stout malts & additions of rice, lactose, vanilla pods and nutmeg. Velvety, luscious and creamy, just like your nan used to make ... kind of! Colour:Dark.

Anarchy Morpeth, Northumberland

2. Blonde Star 4.1% ABV
A light refreshing blonde with a citrus hop character. Will suit palate of ale and lager drinkers alike. Colour: Blonde.
Contains: Wheat, barley.

Arbor Bristol

3. Shangri-La 4.2% ABV
Liberally hopped and highly drinkable session IPA. Brewed with citra, Columbus, equinox & mosaic for maximum flavour. Colour: Pale.
Contains: Wheat, barley.

4. SMAC My Brew Up 4.8% ABV
Heavily hopped American pale brewed with simcoe, mosaic, amarillo and columbus hops. Colour: Pale.
Contains: Wheat, barley.

5. The Devil Made Me Brew It 5.5% ABV
A full bodied premium strength oatmeal stout. Colour: Dark.
Contains: Barley, Oats.

Backyard Walsall, West Midlands

6. The Hoard 3.9% ABV
A golden straw coloured beer brewed specifically to mark the discovery of the 'Staffordshire Hoard'. SIBA National beer competition 2011 gold medal. Colour: Golden.

Bad Seed Malton, N. Yorks.

7. Cascade 5.4% ABV
This American pale shows off the Cascade variety of hop that spawned the craft beer revolution. The Cascade hop has a wealth of grapefruit and citrus flavours. Unfined and unfiltered.

Birmingham Brewing co Stirchley, Birmingham

8. Pale Brummie 4.0% ABV
British floor malt combined with British bittering hops and new world citrus hops, producing a thirst quenching freshness.

Black Country Gornal, West Midlands info

9. Bradley's Finest Golden (BFG) Bitter 4.2% ABV
A straw-coloured quaffing beer with a bold citrus hop aroma, fruity balanced sweetness and a lingering, refreshing aftertaste.
Contains: Barley, wheat

10. Chain Ale 4.2% ABV
A light golden session beer bursting with a hop character of mango, tropical fruits and lime.
Contains: Barley, wheat

Blue Bee Sheffield

11. Motueka IPA 5.0% ABV
Single hopped IPA brewed with New Zealand motueka which impart lime, citrus and pine like flavours. Colour: Pale.

12. Peach IPA 6.0% ABV
Fruity IPA brewed with peaches and eldorado hops. Colour: Pale.

Brass Castle Malton, N Yorks

13. Bad Kitty 5.5% ABV
Chewy choc & vanilla porter. Colour: Dark.
Contains: Wheat, barley, oats.

Burning Sky Firle, E Sussex

Plateau 3.5% ABV
Pale gold in colour, with a crisp malt edge and sharp bitterness. Plateau has been hopped at different stages of the brew, with a big mix of US & NZ hops to satisfy the discerning drinker. Full in flavour, zesty, refreshing & low in alcohol, this beer will have you returning to the bar for another.

Church End Nuneaton, Warwickshire

14. Goat's Milk 3.8% ABV
Golden yellow nectar. Pale barley, crystal malt and oats, blend to fill the palate with flavour. Aromatic Outlaw hops dance over the tongue for a gentle hop finish.
Contains: Barley, malted barley, wheat.

Craddock's Stourbridge

15. Crazy Sheep 4.5% ABV
A pale and zesty ale. Hops galore, but not too bitter.

16. Saxon Gold 4.0% ABV
With its unusual method of hopping, refreshing fruity flavours are produced using a trio of American hops.

17. Troll 5.4% ABV
A deceptively strong, sophisticated golden ale, with a bitter sweet taste, and dry hop finish.

Electric Bear Bath, Somerset

18. Mochachocolata Ya Ya 5.1% ABV
Array of caramel, coconut and dark stone fruits on the nose. A smooth and well balanced malty finish. Pallet world beers award UK in the chocolate and coffee flavour category. Colour: Dark.
Contains: Wheat, barley.

Elland Elland, West Yorkshire

19. Busy Fool 4.5% ABV
Munich flagon, wheat and crystal malt are used to give a well balanced fruity golden ale. Hopped with New Zealand Sticklebract for a fresh pine and citrus aroma. Colour: Golden.
Contains: Wheat, barley.

20. Nevala IPA 5.2% ABV
IPA made using a combination of maris otter and Vienna malts. Generously hopped with American centennial and German perle to give citrus flavour and grassy floral aroma. Colour: Pale.

Enville Enville, Staffs info

21. Cherry Blonde 4.2% ABV
A light blonde bitter delicately infused with essence of Cherry to produce a Belgium style fruit flavoured beer. The aroma and taste surpass expectation whilst the bitter finish is dry, hoppy and refreshing.

22. Enville White 4.2% ABV
This very pale straw coloured beer is brewed with 20% wheat, has a gentle hop aroma and a dry finish. It makes a very enjoyable and refreshing all year round drink. Five time festival winner.

23. Old Porter 4.5% ABV
A traditonal style porter, offering a complex mix of roast malt and fruit flavours with a degree of sweetness. Colour: Dark.
Contains: Barley, wheat

Fernandes Wakefield, W Yorks

24. Mandarin 4.5% ABV

25. Polaris 4.1% ABV
A golden session beer with resinous hoppy grapefruit flavours. Colour: Golden.

Fixed Wheel Halesowen info

26. De Muur 5.0% ABV
Belgian Pale ale brewed with a hefty hand of Biscuit malt, Amarillo hops and Antwerp Ale yeast.
Contains: Malted barley, wheat.

27. Single Speed Ernest 4.5% ABV
Contains: Malted barley, wheat.

28. Through and off Session IPA 3.8% ABV
An ever changing session IPA, each batch brewed with a different combination of hops upfront before peeling off and letting the next hops come through, this batch is brewed with azacca and huell blanc. Big mango, grapefruit and passion fruit flavours with a hint of pine on top of a solid malt base. a super smooth session IPA.
Contains: Malted barley, wheat.

Fownes Sedgley, West Midlands info

29. Visions of Heresy 5.7% ABV

Froth Blowers Erdington, Birmingham

30. Piffle Snonker 3.8% ABV
A pale coloured ale with a floral nose, slightly sweet start to a bitter finish. Named after the 'Sceptre' wielded by the Senior Blower at meetings of Ye Ancient Order of Froth Blowers (A.O.F.B.) in the period 1924-1931.
Contains: Wheat.

Gipsy Hill Brewing Co. London

31. Aviator 5.5% ABV
Aviator pushes the cloudiness and juiciness further than itís little brother Wayfarer. An easy drinking cask wheat.

Green Duck Stourbridge info

32. Duck and Cover 3.9% ABV
Swathes of Pine, Lime and Citrus leap across the palate topped with a crisp white head this refresing Golden beer delves into a long clean finish with flavours lasting long into the memory.

33. Duck and Dab 5.0% ABV

34. Figgy Mild 4.0% ABV

Grey Trees Aberdare, S. Wales

35. Sorry. Grey Trees Equinox was unavailable at very short notice and will not be served at the festival.

Mosaic 4.2% ABV
A single hopped beer. The Mosaic hop gives a complex array of tropical fruit, citrus, berry, herbal, earthy and pine characteristics.

Gyle 59 Thorncombe, Dorset

36. Nettle IPA 5.3% ABV
Inspired by the International Nettle Eating Competition held at our local Bottle Inn, Marshwood, we decided to produce a nettle beer. The result is a refreshing IPA where citrus fruits and floral aroma and flavour combine with a hint of nettle and a long bitter finish.

Harbour Trekillick, Cornwall

37. Antipodean 5.5% ABV

Howling Hops London info

38. Pale XX No.2 5.2% ABV
Hoppy IPA hopped with citra, columbus, centennial, cascade and simcoe. Colour: Pale.
Contains: Wheat, barley.

Ilkley Ilkley, West Yorkshire

39. Olicana 4.4% ABV
We have named this hop 'Olicana' in a nod to the Roman name for Ilkley, and have developed a Pale Ale that will showcase and sing about this new British hop. Fresh and zingy, there are grapefruit notes and a soft yet crisp finish.

Kinver Kinver, Staffordshire info

40. Ernie 4.5% ABV
Brewed with English 'Ernest' hops, which were originally around during the First World War and have recently been reintroduced. The beer is named after the brewer's grandfather Ernie, who fought in and survived the great war.

41. Full Centurion 10.0% ABV
An occasional strong pale ale, at a full 10% abv.

42. Maybug 4.8% ABV
A top fermented German style cask conditioned lager.

Landlocked Ripley, Derbyshire

43. A & E 7.3% ABV

44. Black RS 5.2% ABV

45. HB Extra Pale 3.7% ABV

Mallinsons Huddersfield, West Yorkshire info

46. Huell Melon 4.2% ABV
Single hopped vibrant pale ale with subtle honeydew notes on the aroma and cantaloupe bitterness. Colour: Pale.

Moor Beer Co, Bristol

47. Nor' Hop 4.1% ABV
Ultra pale northern hemisphere hopped. Colour: Pale.
Contains: Wheat, barley.

North Brewing Co. Leeds

48. Sputnik 5.0% ABV

Northern Monk Leeds

49. Rapscallion 5.3% ABV
Based on a historic recipe from the 1640's called Purl, AKA Wormwood Ale. Brewed with an all UK hop bill, 150 kilos of orange zest and just enough crushed ginger to give a gentle kick. The brilliant heat from the ginger compliments the sweet bitterness from the orange peel adds to the mellow, spicy backbone of our all British malt bill.

One Mile End London

50. Snakecharmer 5.7% ABV
A fruity IPA dry-hopped for an intense aroma of sweet lemon, blueberries and tropical fruits. The 90-minute boil gives this beer a full body with a slight caramel finish.

Partners Liversedge, W Yorks

51. Tabatha 6.0% ABV
Very pale, Belgian style tripel beer with a strong fruity hoppy character and subtle hint of coriander. Colour: Pale.

Purity Great Alne, Warwickshire

52. Pure Gold 3.8% ABV
Refreshing golden ale with a dry and bitter finish. Brewed with English maris otter, caragold, caramalt and wheat malts plus pilgrim, styrian, Hereford goldings and citra hops. Colour: Golden.
Contains: Wheat, rye, barley.

Redemption London

53. Sorry. Redemption Rock the Kazbek was unavailable at very short notice and will not be served at the festival.

Rock & Roll Birmingham info

54. Sorry. Rock & Roll Bramble On was unavailable at very short notice and will not be served at the festival.

55. Brew Springsteen 4.0% ABV

Instant Calmer 4.3% ABV
A pale quaffing ale.

Sadler's Lye, Stourbridge info

56. Cats Pyjamas 4.2% ABV
A pale ale showcasing the best of British. Fruity and floral with smooth bitterness.
Contains: Barley, wheat.

57. Peaky Blinder 4.6% ABV
Brewed with Five different malts and five different hop varieties. Dark and delicious yet refreshing and hoppy.
Contains: Barley, wheat.

Salopian Shrewsbury info

58. Nephilim 7.4% ABV
A bold IPA with mango and stone fruit expressing a huge array of aromas and a amboyant resinous body. Lush, sensuous textured with fresh lime, papaya and grapefruit that builds to a lasting finish. Colour: Golden.

59. Shropshire Gold 3.8% ABV
Golden with a floral aroma and a full hoppy flavour which is balanced with a crisp dry maltiness.

Saltaire Shipley, W Yorks

60. Sorry. Saltaire Citra was unavailable at very short notice and will not be served at the festival.

Thornbridge Bakewell, Derbyshire

61. Sorry. Thornbridge Baize was unavailable at very short notice and will not be served at the festival.

Urban Huntsman Kenilworth, Warwickshire

62. Brigand 6.5% ABV

63. Islander 4.0% ABV

64. Stourbridge Lion 0.0% ABV

Weatheroak Hill Brewery Wetheroak Hill, Warwickshire

65. Cofton Common 4.9% ABV
Hybrid Vienna Lager, brewed with German Noble Tettnanger hops and Vienna Malt, fermented at low temperatures with ale yeast for a clean flavour profile.Colour: Pale. Aroma: Herbal, Biscuit, Noble. Taste: Crisp, Dry, Floral.
Contains: Wheat.

66. Sorry. Weatheroak Hill Brewery Single Hop Olicana was unavailable at very short notice and will not be served at the festival.

Single Hop Sticklebrackt 4.1% ABV
Our single hop, single brew series - featuring highly aromatic and flavoursome hop varieties from all over the world.

Wild Weather Ales Reading

67. Betrayal 4.0% ABV
Mosaic single hopped APA. Colour: Pale.

68. Sub Lime 3.9% ABV
Zesty Kaffir lime pale ale. Colour: Pale.
Contains: Wheat, barley.

Wye Valley Stoke Lacey, Herefordshire

69. HPA 4.0% ABV
A pale, hoppy, malty brew with a hint of sweetness before a dry finish.

Wylam Newcastle upon Tyne

70. Jakehead IPA 6.3% ABV
Supercharged India Pale Ale.... Rich/bright & amber/bronze with lots of American hop aroma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with a massive hop complexity fashioned deep within the IPA tradition.

Burning Soul Hockley, Birmingham

1. Mount Olympus 5.2% ABV

2. OCT IPA 6.7% ABV

Fixed Wheel Halesowen info

3. Mild Concussion 5.5% ABV
Our house mild brewed with a plethora of specialty and high dried malts, big toffee and caramel flavours on a light malt base, big fruity finish, a beer with layers of flavours yet light and easy drinking, just watch your head with the older style abv.
Contains: Malted Barley, wheat.

4. Spartacus 6.5% ABV
A mixture of Belgian specialty malts, a bike bag full of Amarillo hops and a classic Belgian yeast give this beer a lovely glowing amber color, with big juicy orange flavors and a touch of spice from the yeast.
Contains: Barley.

Fownes Sedgley, West Midlands info

5. Hand of Doom 8.2% ABV

Green Duck Stourbridge info

6. Little Giant 3.8% ABV

7. Overdrive IPA 0.0% ABV

Urban Huntsman Kenilworth, Warwickshire

8. Glassworks IPA 6.5% ABV

Broadoak Cider Company Clutton, Somerset

1. Moonshine 7.5% ABV

2. Perry 6.5% ABV

Butford Organics Bodenham, Herefordshire

3. Perry (MED/DRY) 7.1% ABV

Crossman's Hewish, somerset

4. Medium Dry 6.0% ABV

David Millward of Wollaston Stourbridge

5. Wrongbow 6.0% ABV
Locally produced. Med. Dry still cider, made from cider apples from Worcestershire and Herefordshire (Dabinet, Katy, Ashmeads Kernel) using wild yeast fermentation and tried and tested methods used by our forefathers.

Gwynt Y Ddraig Pontypridd, Wales

6. Two Trees Perry 4.5% ABV
A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate.
Contains: Sulphites.

Hogan's Alcester, Warwickshire

7. Harvest Press 5.3% ABV

8. Lonely Partridge 5.8% ABV
A cloudy, fruity and authentic perry.

9. Panking Pole 6.2% ABV
A dry Warwickshire cider, which gets its name from the long pole used in the orchard to shake the cider apple harvest from the trees. This is a classic golden cloudy cider with a typical cider apple bitterness and fruit aromas. Dry on the palate, its complex flavours deliver a strong finish.

Hurst View Cider Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire

10. Bishops Blend 5.5% ABV
Light haze/Clear Medium An easy drinking cider blended with local (Staffordshire) apple juice.

11. Hop On 4.0% ABV
Light Haze/Clear Medium Dry hopped , easy drinking with light hoppy flavour and rounded finish.

12. Jibber Jabber 7.0% ABV
Light haze/Clear Medium Full bodied with a lingering sharp finish.

13. Puckered Pear 6.0% ABV
Light Haze/Clear Medium Exceedingly quaffable blended perry light/medium mellow finish.

Lilley's Frome, Somerset

14. Bee Sting Perry (MED/SWEET) 7.5% ABV

15. Gladiator 8.5% ABV

Oliver's Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire

16. MEDIUM 6.7% ABV

17. Perry (MEDIUM) 6.5% ABV

Pure North Holmfirth, W Yorks

18. Valley Zest 7.5% ABV
Med-Dry. A real cider drinkers cider! Bright, full bodied with a sharp / zesty finish.

Real Cider Company Hebden Bridge, W Yorks

19. Pulp Beetroot & Orange 4.0% ABV

20. Pulp Damson 4.0% ABV

Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Company Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

21. Alpaca Perry 6.5% ABV

22. Dry 6.5% ABV

23. Medium 6.5% ABV

Sandford Orchards Crediton, Devon

24. Devon Scrumpy (MEDIUM) 6.0% ABV
A still, medium cider. Slightly cloudy and full flavoured. A traditional cider, full apple flavours, with a pleasant bite and finish.

25. Old Kirton 6.0% ABV
A still Devon cider, and quite dry. An extremely traditional cider pressed through straw.

26. Pear Shaped (PERRY, SWEET) 7.5% ABV
Med/Sweet - A beautiful Devon perry, made with a mix of Perry and desert pears to give it a light sweet pear taste and pleasant crispness. Lightly warming on the finish with faint spices.

Waulkmill Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway info

27. Cider N Black 3.8% ABV
Locally grown blackcurrants are steamed and pressed, the juice is then added. High fruit cider with a distinct blackcurrant Flavour.

28. Mooseheid Perry 5.0% ABV
Multi award winning Scottish perry made from perry pears. Very easy drinking and smooth. High Fruit Finish.

29. Sticky Mack 3.8% ABV
Sweet. Dark brown sugar used during fermentation gives this cider a rich toffee apple background.

Wychelm Cider Stourbridge

30. Bella 7.0% ABV
A blend of Ellis Bitters and Browns. Light and refreshing.

31. Katy 6.5% ABV
Single variety cider.